Trouble-Free Hiring: 5 Tips To Help You Avoid Potential Headaches

Hiring the right person for your team can be a daunting task. One wrong hire can take up valuable time and resources, not to mention negatively affect the morale of your existing staff. However, with the right approach, you can make the hiring process less stressful and more productive. Here are five tips to help you avoid potential headaches and ensure a trouble-free hiring process.

Talent Wins

🥇Talent Wins. Talent acquisition and talent management indirectly make the most money for your company because they affect every other revenue-generating function. đź’° Companies will actually save money in the long run as they consistently choose better hires and fewer employees leave. Top Companies hire for character and train for skill. âś… However, don’t confuse personality … Read more

Recruiting Isn’t All the Same

I worked as a Corporate Recruiter and Executive Recruiter for two different multi-billion dollar companies here’s the difference I found: Average # of job order workload: Corp: 20-30 Exec: 5-10 Recruiting Strategy: Corp: Internal promotions, referrals, and job postings filled about 65% of my open roles. Exec: talent mapping and deep knowledge of your competitor’s … Read more

How to learn from Rejection

How to learn from Rejection: Corporate Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Partners, and Executive Recruiters are all going after the same thing… top talent. So instead of waiting for top candidates to apply to a job posting, recruiters are conducting email campaigns in an effort to gain interest in their roles.   Do you want a peek … Read more

Beware of Candidates Using ChatGPT to Ace Interviews!

As much as we want to believe that all candidates attending an interview are genuine and have the required qualifications, it is becoming increasingly common for candidates to use tools like ChatGPT to beat their interview. When using ChatGPT, candidates can generate answers to potential interview questions and practice their responses, giving them a competitive advantage over those who have not.

What’s More Important, EQ or IQ?

In this month’s Inc magazine, Justin Bariso asks an interesting question: What’s More Important, EQ or IQ? Justin goes on to write, If you could choose to have higher than average cognitive intelligence (IQ), or higher than average emotional intelligence (EQ), which would you pick? Interestingly, many people nowadays like to pit IQ and EQ against … Read more

Clocking in, 21st-century style

​In the era of telecommuting, what qualifies as “working time”? A new paper proposes a way to track employees’ hours on the job while respecting their time off. Matt Palmquist from Strategy & Business authored this engaging article. In the digital age, the idea of taking work home has been given new meaning. The rapid … Read more

Google’s Remote Work Policy Has 9 Great Tips

INC magazine highlighted a story written by Justin Bariso, stating that Google’s remote work policy has 9 great tips you should definitely steal today. He writes: As companies debate whether or not to bring employees back to the office full-time, they scramble to refine their remote work policies. One company they could learn a lot … Read more

What Separates Great Companies From Average Ones?

According to Marcel Schwantes, Founder and CEO of Leadership from the Core, he believes that giving employees more data and more power to make decisions has big benefits. In INC. Magazine’s he wrote the following: ​A new Harvard Business Review report shows the power of putting data in the hands of front-line workers, but it … Read more