Recruiting as a Service

Introducing: 🎯FlexRecruit.

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Service Description:

 Recruiting in theory is easy. You have an open position, and people are looking for work, what could go wrong?

The challenge is that each phase of the recruiting workflow requires knowledge, experience, and someone who aligns with your core values to execute it.

Bright Metro’s FlexRecruit allows you to hire an experienced contract recruiter for a flat hourly fee. Our recruiters come equipped with their own recruiting tools and years of technical recruiting experience.

Whether you need a recruiter for 2 weeks or 30 days, Bright Metro takes care of candidate sourcing, screening, and coordination, saving you valuable time and streamlining your hiring processes.

Service Benefits:

✅ U.S.-based Recruiters: Offer advantages in terms of market knowledge, cultural fit, and legal compliance, making us ideal for key roles requiring a deep understanding of your business.

✅ Deep Candidate Sourcing: When you need someone to (digitally) turn every stone to identify hard candidates that match your specific requirements. We search all social media platforms, Github, Stack Overflow, Upwork, etc. (even underneath the cushions if necessary) so you won’t have to. 

✅ Scalability: Allows you to adapt to changes in business demands, seasonal fluctuations, or unexpected growth, ensuring that you always have the right level of recruiting support.

✅ Budget Control: Our hourly rate pricing provides you with cost predictability and control over your recruitment budget.

✅ Time Savings: Our services free up your internal resources, allowing them to focus on other critical job openings or strategic initiatives.

✅ Candidate Experience: We prioritize timely feedback, and a positive pre-screen process, enhancing the overall candidate experience and strengthening your employer brand.

✅ Easy Payment Terms: You can conveniently pay with a credit card via PayPal or opt-in for net-15-day weekly invoicing.

Some Use Cases:
👩🏻‍💻CompuCom (IT managed services provider):
Engaged Bright Metro for a period of 30 days to help recruit Sales Engineers for West Coast markets. 
Outcome: CompuCom continued utilizing our service to help with other markets, including North Carolina, Virginia and Ohio.
👨🏽‍💻Momentum Consulting (a global IT Services Company, now part of CGI): 
Engaged Bright Metro Metro for a period of 30 days to recruit their Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager. 
Outcome: Momentum called us to help recruit several other positions including Informatica Developers, Cloud Developers, and Datawarehouse Engineers. 
👨🏻‍💼Baxter International (Global Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company): 
Engaged Bright Metro for a period of 15 days to work with their Digital Health division. 
Outcome: We identify the candidate that would be hired as their Sr. Manager, Digital Health & Innovation. 
👩🏻‍💻 Validated Insights (Inc. 5000 digital marketing agency) 
Engaged Bright Metro for 30 days to recruit for Account Director roles.
Outcome:We recruited and hired two Account Directors within the first 30 days. The CEO was impressed with our work and asked us to recruit for a Paid Media Manager position. Additionally, she referred us to one of their strategic partners to recruit for a Technical PM role.
$59 to 89 per hour (based on engagement). No additional or hidden fees. 

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