Recruiting Isn’t All the Same

04 October 2023

I worked as a Corporate Recruiter and Executive Recruiter for two different multi-billion dollar companies here’s the difference I found:

Average # of job order workload:
Corp: 20-30
Exec: 5-10

Recruiting Strategy:
Corp: Internal promotions, referrals, and job postings filled about 65% of my open roles.
Exec: talent mapping and deep knowledge of your competitor’s levels, salaries, etc.

Stakeholders Communication:
Corp: Candidate, Hiring Manager, HRBPs, TA Leadership.
Exec: All of the above, plus be ready at any time to debrief C-level on search status.

What’s important:
Corp: Time to fill metrics, TA team chemistry
Exec: White-glove Candidate and Hiring Manager experience

Corporate terms frequently used:
Corp: Cadence, Synergies
Exec: Digitization, EC (Executive Committee)

Corp: Team culture
Exec: Worked with very smart/high-achieving people

Corp: Juggle many priorities
Exec: Can become repetitive