Beware of Candidates Using ChatGPT to Ace Interviews!

29 June 2023

In 1996, fresh out of college (go UConn Huskies!), my career in Human Resources began as a technical recruiter. Fast-forward over 20 years later, “Human” resources (and many other areas) are being changed by AI. In fact, according to GenerativeAI, just last week more than 100 AI tools were released!

Relevant to this, have you heard of “The Interview Breaker”? It’s a proof concept made with ChapGPT for cracking job interviews. It listens in on your interview and tells you what to say, and fills you in on things that you may not know. 

Picture this… You are using Zoom/Google Meet/Teams to interview and you ask the candidate… “How do you decide on what to prioritize when architecting a backend service?”

Automatically “Interview Breaker” will research and provide the candidate with an answer. Yikes!

This is still in proof-concept, but it represents the future of how to crack interviews, and better versions will come out sooner rather than later. So, how does your recruiting team get ahead of the curve?

Will you decide to do interviews face-to-face going forward? Or do you need to revamp your interview questions around what the candidate can-do vs. what he/she can memorize (or repeat back)?

It’s not 1996, don’t let your recruiting process fall behind the times. Reach out to learn how Bright Metro can provide your team with innovative strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

-by Ruben Garcia.