Talent Wins

27 October 2023

🥇Talent Wins.
Talent acquisition and talent management indirectly make the most money for your company because they affect every other revenue-generating function.
💰 Companies will actually save money in the long run as they consistently choose better hires and fewer employees leave.
Top Companies hire for character and train for skill.
✅ However, don’t confuse personality with character. Just because you like the candidate’s personality that doesn’t mean they align with your core values.
Interviews should be used as opportunities to examine patterns of success.
👀 Speaking of success, make sure you look at your team and see the character qualities that your top performers live out daily, and hire more of those people.
🧲 They more than likely have several of these qualities: Motivated, Flexible, Humble, Clever, Team-Oriented, Curious, Emotionally Stable, and Resilient.