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Salary Transparency - Thinking

Have you seen a salary range on any job listings lately? This could be due to the increasing prevalence of salary transparency laws. Many states, such as New York, California, Colorado, and Washington, are now requiring companies to disclose salary information in job announcements, making it easier for job seekers to gauge the earning potential … Read more

What’s More Important, EQ or IQ?

In this month’s Inc magazine, Justin Bariso asks an interesting question: What’s More Important, EQ or IQ? Justin goes on to write, If you could choose to have higher than average cognitive intelligence (IQ), or higher than average emotional intelligence (EQ), which would you pick? Interestingly, many people nowadays like to pit IQ and EQ against … Read more

Clocking in, 21st-century style

​In the era of telecommuting, what qualifies as “working time”? A new paper proposes a way to track employees’ hours on the job while respecting their time off. Matt Palmquist from Strategy & Business authored this engaging article. In the digital age, the idea of taking work home has been given new meaning. The rapid … Read more

Google’s Remote Work Policy Has 9 Great Tips

INC magazine highlighted a story written by Justin Bariso, stating that Google’s remote work policy has 9 great tips you should definitely steal today. He writes: As companies debate whether or not to bring employees back to the office full-time, they scramble to refine their remote work policies. One company they could learn a lot … Read more

Where are the tech jobs?

​You may want to rethink about where the tech jobs are found. According to Sarah Overmyer from Indeed, she wrote that “stereotypes around tech often include images of vast futuristic campuses filled with scooters where employees can bring their dogs to work and take naps in sleep pods. But the truth is the tech labor … Read more

Best Tech Jobs 2020, listed the top 20 jobs in an article listed as “Best Tech Jobs 2020: The Most In-Demand Technology Careers” on May 8, 2020. ​ 1. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer Average Base Salary: $146,085 Job Growth, 2015-18: 344% AI/Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand as the tech industry shifts its focus toward the emerging … Read more

This is the future of work

​ ​​Jacob Morgan, the 4x Best-Selling Author, Speaker, & Futurist, listed on the the following 17 changes from the past work to the future: ​ Employee engagement… to employee experience For many years we have collectively focused on employee engagement with minimal results, something I talked about in my HBR article a few years ago. That’s … Read more

Preview Candidates

​​You have the option to receive both resumes and video interviews of qualified candidates that are answering some of your pre-screen questions. These are not pre-recorded videos but instead real-live conversation between the candidate and the recruiter. ​ ​