Future Predictions Gone Wrong and the Changing Landscape of Talent Acquisition

08 December 2023

In the past, people made predictions about what would happen by 2020. Here are some things they thought would come true:
❌ Life expectancy would rise past 100.
❌ The common cold would be cured.
❌ Online shopping was expected to be a flop.

Since we can’t accurately predict the future, let’s consider three factors that Matt Adler of Recruiting Future wants us to think about, shaping Talent Acquisition heading into 2024:

1. Economy: High inflation, cost of living, and work productivity will continue to impact talent acquisition next year. The health of the economy has always played a significant role in shaping talent acquisition.

2. Technology: AI will remain a significant topic, no surprise there. However, the scale, pace, and velocity of the disruption into TA are unprecedented.

3. Talent: Companies will continue to need new skills. However, schools may not be teaching them at the necessary pace. Additionally, the changing attitude towards work, as seen in the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, WFH, and the Gig economy, has altered what people (talent) consider important about their jobs. This all points to an ongoing shortage of skills.

After 20 years of recruiting experience, I agree with the opinion that as we approach 2024, we need to be more open-minded. What worked before might not work the same now.