Three Ways To Move On From… “More Candidates, Please”

16 October 2023

Scenario: The hiring manager tells the recruiter that he/she loves the candidate who just completed the interview process, but wants to see a few more candidates to compare.

So what should the recruiter do now?
First, here are some approaches I’ve come across on LinkedIn that I don’t advise:

❌ Find 2-3 more “B” candidates so that you can just move the process along.
❌ Suggest that we move to an offer because the candidate is actively interviewing and will get another offer soon.
❌ Put the position on the back burner and hope the right candidate magically appears when the manager inquires about new possibilities, or that same candidate is still available.

Overall, I don’t think creating more work for yourself, using the FOMO tactic, or sweeping the problem under the rug, and hoping it goes away, are good strategies.

Instead, I recommend these steps that promote teamwork, and foster a culture of trust:

✅ Be Prepared: Enter your intake meeting armed with data, such as the number of days the job order remained open last time or the maximum number of potential candidates found on LinkedIn with the exact skills and experience within a specific radius. This will help to set expectations.

✅ Anticipate Roadblocks: Ask questions like, “How do we handle a candidate with 4 out of the 5 must-have skills?” Determine which skills we’re willing to compromise on (if any) and what skills can be taught. Implement a scorecard system to assess each competency during the interview process.

✅ Interview Alignment: Review the interview process, ensuring behavioral and competency questions effectively identify and qualify the right candidate. Avoid rabbit-trail interview questions like “If you were an animal, which one would you be?” 🤔

Ultimately, taking these steps will help you:
1️⃣ Build on your trusted advisor credentials
2️⃣ Get better at looking around the corner. You’re playing chess, not checkers.
3️⃣ Help fine-tune the interview process