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04 June 2024

Taking Control of Your Interviews

On average, full-time job seekers apply to around 30 positions, yet only hear back from...

14 May 2024

Tech Icons or Mentors? Choose Wisely

“Try to be useful. Do things that are useful to your fellow human being.” –...

22 March 2024

The Maria Effect. How tech redefines job roles.

When I think about how AI is impacting jobs, I’m reminded of how technology has...

29 February 2024

Making Sense of Why Tech Layoffs Continue in a Strong Economy

A recent CNBC report outlines how the tech sector is having a big 2024. It...

23 February 2024

AI Skills in High-Demand

22 January 2024

The Career Journey of Andy Jassy-Amazon’s CEO

A few years ago, Devin Banerjee, Editor at Large, Business & Finance at LinkedIn, sat...

08 December 2023

Future Predictions Gone Wrong and the Changing Landscape of Talent Acquisition

In the past, people made predictions about what would happen by 2020. Here are some...

07 November 2023

Trouble-Free Hiring: 5 Tips To Help You Avoid Potential Headaches

Hiring the right person for your team can be a daunting task. One wrong hire can take up valuable time and resources, not to mention negatively affect the morale of your existing staff. However, with the right approach, you can make the hiring process less stressful and more productive. Here are five tips to help you avoid potential headaches and ensure a trouble-free hiring process.

27 October 2023

Talent Wins

🥇Talent Wins. Talent acquisition and talent management indirectly make the most money for your company...

16 October 2023

Three Ways To Move On From… “More Candidates, Please”

Scenario: The hiring manager tells the recruiter that he/she loves the candidate who just completed...

11 October 2023

The Future of Technical Recruiting

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? If you’re wondering about what the future...

04 October 2023

Recruiting Isn’t All the Same

I worked as a Corporate Recruiter and Executive Recruiter for two different multi-billion dollar companies...