Do you know what helps a tech recruiter become great at their job?

25 September 2023

Do you know what helps a tech recruiter become great at their job?

👍 A great hiring manager.

I’ve collaborated closely with hiring managers for over 20 years. As a result, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to work with and learn from, some outstanding leaders at F500 companies to growing SaaS firms.

Here are some characteristics of the most inspiring, and effective, hiring leaders I have worked with:

👉 Exceptional Listening Skills: It’s not merely about what they listen to; it’s the reason they listen. Their attentive ear fosters trust and encourages collaboration with the recruiter. It communicates the importance they place on the recruiter’s input and signifies their value from the recruiter’s perspective, research, and experience.

👉 Team player mentality: We share the same goal: hire the best people and fill the role as fast as possible. Simultaneously, they align their expectations with market realities, acknowledging that the corporate recruiter must juggle their position alongside 10-25 other open job roles.

👉 Recruiting Focus: They have a full plate, so I don’t expect them to recruit for me. However, they (and the engineers on their team) are doing things like attending meet-ups, sharing job ads on their social media, and connecting with potential candidates in their network.

👉 Involvement in Offer Process: Top talent choose companies not only for their strong reputation but also for the people they’ll be working with. Many times, the main influence in a candidate’s decision to accept or reject the offer is the hiring manager. People prefer working with individuals they connect with and who demonstrate a commitment to aiding their professional growth. Effective hiring managers actively participate in the offer process and, on many occasions, extend the offer themselves.

What other characteristics do you believe make a great hiring manager?