Companies Hiring High-Caliber Tech Talent: You Are Being Interviewed

18 September 2023

Did you know that top tech talent wants to know why they should work for you?

While money is important, it’s not the only thing. Candidates care about working with newer technologies, building up their skills, being part of a culture that values technology, connecting with a purpose they find meaningful, and working on interesting and inspiring problems.
I recommend that you incorporate these steps as part of your strategy:

1️⃣. Improve Your Storytelling: Know and highlight your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and provide clear examples to demonstrate that what is stated is indeed a reality. This will differentiate your company as a place where people will want to work. Marketing teams call this skill “storytelling,” and they understand that it motivates people to take action. It’s also worth noting that there should be consistency between the recruiting team and hiring managers.

2️⃣. Streamline the Interview Process: Top candidates tend to be ambitious and have many options. Develop an efficient interview and evaluation approach that can lead to a prompt decision. Ensure that other engineers and relevant team members are part of your interview team.

3️⃣. Be Transparent at the Right Time: Top talent wants to be part of a collaborative team, and the first step is transparency. Sometimes recruiters avoid discussing inherent challenges out of fear it could deter potential candidates. However, strong talent seeks to understand these challenges. If you’re hiring exceptionally talented individuals, they want to know how the company handles discussing its challenges. Additionally, they either already know or will quickly figure out these challenges.

Overall, recognizing that the hiring process is a two-way street is crucial. There should be a proactive and transparent approach that resonates with your high-caliber candidates.