Recruiting as a Service

Have you considered RPO services for your company?

What if there was a “scalable” RPO business model?

Our Recruiting-As-A-Service solution offers a pricing model that gives our clients complete control over the length of each engagement at a fixed price.

For a flat fee, we would work as an extension of your existing recruiting team.  We would work as ONE TEAM adapting to your corporate culture but bringing our recruiting strengths, software recruiting tools, and 20+ years of experience to you.

Our Recruiting Success

Our value-proposition simply put: We are set up like a client-facing department found at most companies.

Take the B2B sales department for example. There’s a business development team that drives in leads, an account executive that owns the relationship, and a marketing team that is driving brand awareness.

Likewise, our recruiting as-a-service process is structured as follow:

  1. Candidate Sourcing– Hunts for new talent and is constantly adding viable candidates to the top of the funnel.

  2. Vetting and Screening– Experienced recruiter that conducts video or phone screens.

  3. Recruiting Marketing– Create talent communities by creating marketing campaigns.

An effective Talent-Acquisition Solution

Our Recruiting As-A-Service is an on-demand talent acquisition solution, without commissions or long-term contracts. Bright Metro has the bandwidth to scale up to the largest hiring challenges by augmenting an in-house team.

Our online recruiting dashboard allows complete transparency, a view into the real-time candidate pipeline activity, and sharing all candidate information. This means that our recruiting activity, resumes, and corresponding data belong to our clients.


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